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Sir Terry Watts

Australian Expedition Photography

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Terry Watts
20 February
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Terry Watts is a retired Petroleum Geochemist and Geoscientist, with an academic background at University spanning more than 10 years. He is best known for his work in the Asia Pacific Region, and later internationally for his efforts in industrial engineering solutions. In 2014; Mr Watts returned to University to become a Science Teacher and quit working in the industry to pursue environmental causes, establish his sporting society, and work on community projects.

Today Sir Terry Watts; as he is known, is best recognised for his efforts in Regional Australia teaching the sport of Olympic Fencing, spending most of his time in the Regional City of Armidale NSW Australia working in a boarding school as a Science/Mathematics teacher and Housemaster. He enjoys hobbies that include Kayaking, Camping, and Photography.

Through this blog; he hopes to encourage respect for the environment and build awareness of the natural ecosystems and current conservation efforts.

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