Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

The Entrance

Today's photograph is of The Entrance Channel, in NSW Australia.

This location has been known for three things internationally, and also a few things locally over the years. The beachside town has been popular as a holiday destination for Sydney siders looking to escape the city on a weekend, or during the school holidays. One of the activities here include the pelican feeding, as a result, pelicans here associate food with humans. At times causing problems. Finally, the channel itself is being dredged to try to keep it clear. Although it has been there for quite some time, the channel allways seems to clog up. Not that its a problem, as it's not an active seagoing region.

On otherwise what has been a good day out, and very active and bustling crowd around town. Occasionally it's nice to zoom out far enough that people are not in view. Taking in the sights of The Entrance Bridge, and the seascape around it.

Tags: nsw, photography, the entrance
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