Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

The Enterance - Boat Shed

One of the significant landmarks at the Entrance NSW, is the boat hire shed that had operated from the shores of the Tuggerah Lake, almost as long as The Entrance has been a recognised suburb of the Central Coast.

The green water of the lake is shallow, but still provides an enticing colour spectrum, as it sets the hue the scene. Boats of all kinds are standing by, made of traditional timbers and painted bottle green and white. Colours that are easily recognised in clubs and societies in this region.

The new walkway beames a white contrast on the old shed. Boats are being fixed and looked over on the deck, and others are tied up on the moorings ready to go. Just grab your fishing rods, family, and you are ready to go.

Tags: boat, central coast, dji, mavic pro, nsw, the entrance

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It is convinient for the fishermen who do not have boats. Pleasant green paint, by the way.