Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Sea Gull - Laridae

One of the most recognisable birds of the Australian shoreline, is the common seagull.

As soon as someone mentions getting hot chips for food, the birds mobbing behaviour becomes apparent. With numerous birds flocking in on top of each other to scavenge food from the ground. In some areas, the birds have also been known to become quite aggressive and have been listed as a pest, as a result.

Aside from the obvious pest that they are, they are actually quite intelligent. Known to use bread to lure fish to the surface and eat them. Also Having a sense of time, and when and were to be in order to get food.

Gulls also have a very fast flight speed, making good practice for flying birds in photography. Today's photo was taken whilst relaxing by the seaside and taking the opportunity to practice some photography skills.

Tags: australian birds, laridae, sea gull
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