Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Australian Pelican - Pelecanus conspicillatus

Today's photo is of an Australian Pelican.

These large birds can be found right around the lakefront and also the rivers in NSW. They travel far but recently this area in NSW has become home to a number of breeding sights for pelicans to raise their young. At first the urban environment would not look very appealing to raise their young, especially with many feral cats out of a night as well; however, when you stand almost a meter high even from a young age, cats may not be much of a problem as anticipated.

Here we have a mature pelican with the trademark yellow eye of the Australian species. Alongside the black and white feathers, and blue feet. Making for a distinct photograph against the natural blue and green colours of the background.

Edging closer to home the lakes, rivers and sea are making way for incredible landscape photographs. With new and unique photographic opportunities with the wildlife along the shoreline.

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