Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Reptiles of NSW - Forest Dragon - Lophosaurus boydii

Known as Boyd's Forest Dragon, this is a species of crested lizard that lives in the northern parts of NSW and the east coast of Queensland.

These dragons can be identified by their triangular scales on their body, and their bone-like protrusions on their face around the lower jawline.

In short, we still do not know much about these dragons. However, we do know that they like to live in the trees and eat a variety of insects and earthworms. These dragons have also been known to eat the fruit from certain trees as well.

Today's photograph turned out ok, considering the conditions were not perfect. Only a little bit overexposed as a result of the dynamic range in today's conditions.

Tags: forest, forest dragon, lizard, lophosaurus boydii, reptiles of nsw, tree lizard
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