Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Reptiles of NSW - Water Dragon - Intellagama lesueurii

On the East Coast of Australia, the water dragon is a very common sight. Though in modern years their numbers have declined with the desire to live near the water and feral cats being introduced.

These Lizards live by the water of freshwater rivers and streams through NSW. Known also to climb trees to sleep at night. these lizards are very talented climbers and fast runners. Although usually small in size they can grow up to and over 1m in length. But are still very skinny in general. Today's specimen is about 50cm in length.

As a result; today's photo required a very long lens to take a picture from quite far away.

Dragons tend not to like company other than their own.

Tags: intellagama lesueurii, lizard, reptile, reptiles of nsw, water dragon
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