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Last Day In QLD - Sea World on the Gold Coast.

For those following my blog, you may have noticed a trend that I am photographing further away from the coral sea recently and into colder waters. Today I have arrived at Sea-World. An irresistible theme park filled with wildlife and things to do. As I head further south on my journey south into NSW, I chose to spend the day at a sea-themed adventure park on my last day in QLD.

Arriving exhausted from diving swimming and almost becoming a fish over the past month. I was very happy to sit back and be entertained in the world-class theme park owned by village roadshow. Though the price of entry and food inside was scandalous! In an odd seriality after photographing birds in flight through Australia previously, dolphins were easy by comparison?,...

In a way of saying goodbye to QLD - I say "so long, and thanks for all the fish".

Tags: 42, action, adventure, australia, fairy penguin, gold coast, jetski, polar bear, queensland, sea, sea world, sea world on the gold coast
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