Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Stonefish - Synanceiidae

Possibly the grumpiest fish you will ever see is the stonefish species.

These fish camouflage into the rocky outcrops of reefs along the shorelines of Australia. As they have a behaviour of letting their food come to them. As a fish swims near the reef for protection occasionally one or two will go missing into the mouth of the fish.

In Australia, Stonefish are dangerous to humans. Divers and fishermen have died from the venom of the fish. As divers have stood on them, and fishermen have tried and been stung in attempts to free them from their nets.

Synanceiidae is made up of two groups that can be equally painful: as scorpionfish and stonefish make up this dangerous grouping of Australian fish.

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