Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Idol Fish - Zanclidae

More commonly known as a Morrish Idol, or Butterflyfish, these fish have become one of the most recognisable fish of the sea. Seen on show curtains, paintings, wallpaper, and printed designs for a long time.

Today we have four juvenile fish that are swimming in a small group. Adults usually swim alone, but are known to join small groups from time to time. They eat a mixed omnivorous diet and for their size actually require a fair amount of food. Their presence on particular reefs has become an indication of their health in recent times due to their large and sometimes destructive diet.

Today's photograph turned out really well, and I am particularly happy with the clarity that has been difficult to achieve so far. I am yet to identify the fish in the background. However, I believe they are a type of parrot-fish.

Tags: butterfyfish, idol fish, moorish idol, reef, zanclidae
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