Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Freshwater Encounters - Jungle Perch - Kuhlia ?

The last type of large fish I have been able to find in the tropical freshwater here is this Jungle Perch.

This fish is one of the least studied, and no one really knew what it was after it was photographed. It could be a jungle parch, spangled perch, an invasive lookalike species from Indonesia [Rupestris], a spotted grunter, or even a flagtail. One local said he does not know exactly what fish it is, but it is good to eat,...

There seems to be no clear answer, and there are no articles or even Wikipedia pages about the fish.

This one will be left over for further research.

Tags: freshwater fish, jungle perch, kuhlia, marginata, rupestris, unknown
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