Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Freshwater Encounters - The Archer Fish - Toxotidae

In Queensland, there is a peculiar fish that swims about the freshwater rivers up here: Known as the Archer-Fish.

The banded Archer-fish seen below is known for two things. Firstly having a flat section of its body between the dorsal fin: and secondly, a behaviour that instead of leaping from the water to catch its prey. It prefers to shoot water from its mouth at incredible accuracy nocking small bugs and insects into the water for an easy meal.

Easier said than done, this fish is very specialised in what it does. From the fishes body shape that helps it get close to the water surface. The shape of the fishes mandibles that shape the water projectile, to the specialised vision in the fishes eye. The Archer-fish is a master of what it does in order to survive in the wild.

Tags: archer fish, australian fish, fish, freshwater fish, toxotidae
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