Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Short Video: The Great Barier Reef

Today I decided to make a short montage of some footage I took of the reef. The footage was captured using a Fujifilm - XP130. Most of the footage captured, was taken by just snorkelling around.

Whilst in the water it is very apparent that the conditions were rough. However, the wide angle of a camera made it tough to highlight any of the fish individually. Instead, offering a view of what it is like to swim underwater at the reef. Overall I think the camera did very well to capture the imagery, and the camera was marked to go up to 20m underwater, and felt very capable of doing so. The only downside was that the video camera option flattened the batteries really quickly.

Although some very rough footage: I am happy to have had the experience, and know what to do next time in order to improve my underwater photography. With that said, enjoy.

Tags: the great barrier reef
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