Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Reef Platform - The Great Barrier Reef

On the top of the reef, there is a diversity of colour and life in almost every sector. A diversity of neon coloured fish, and bright corals that have to be seen firsthand, in order to be fully appreciated.

The top of the reef is very a very dynamic place. During low tide, the reef will rise out of the water bringing with it new challenges. Before returning to the sea at high tide, bringing with it fish that eat coral, sometimes destructive waves during storms, and currents that bring in the nutrients that the coral needs to eat. In order to live and grow underwater.

The top of the reef is a dynamic place where change is constant; forming tidal pools, platforms on top of the reef where the coral can't grow any higher, and a vast array of life in every available space. Coral lives and dies: continuing to add to the largest living structure on earth, as it continues to grow in size slowly every day.

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