Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Life on the Edge - The Great Barrier Reef

Inside the reef, there are large caverns and sections that fall off into the depths of the Australian continental shelf. Inside the reef, there are shallows, tidal pools, and cliff-like structures on the rim.

Today on the edge of the shelf we can see hard corals that form a smooth texture as if rocks themselves grow into boulders. We have staghorn corals that grow out into platforms and round arrays of colour. Soft corals and anemones move freely with the current, alongside sponges and sea urchins. In between, we have calcareous white sand and sometimes green seaweed.

By swimming through the sides of the reef it is easy to see the diversity of life on the side edges of the reef. Today the camera had a serious workout trying to capture the colour, depth of field, and the scale in the unforgiving environment. It is very apparent how specialised underwater photography really is.

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