Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Brolga - Grus rubicunda

Known as the Australian Crane, in international books. The Brolga is the traditional name for the wetland dwelling bird of the North.

Brolgas are community birds and they often roam around is small flocks. In QLD there are many cane sugar farms that are also ideal for breeding snails and frogs. Brolga can be found near the cane farms, and also through the low lying and wetlands throughout Queensland.

Brolga are occasionally confused with the Saurus Crane in India, having a very similar appearance. However, having a dull facial colouration in comparison. Aside from that, these birds have lived for many thousands of years here in Australia and they seem to be doing well. They are at risk from introduced foxes, and at times cats too.

Today's photograph tried to capture the bird in its natural environment looking for food. Alongside the delicate textures of the feathers, and the old world style head. Today's bird is a very big one indeed, and today's encounter was very impressive.

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Your description is very precise. Probably its feathers look like stone. For me, initially, they looked like lace fabric.

Again, I wonder at the diversity and plentifulness of Australian fauna.