Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo - Cacatua galerita

One of Australias most recognisable birds is the sulphur-crested cockatoo.

Popular as a pet and also a noisy neighbourhood friend these birds are known internationally for their antics. They can talk to a relative sense, they love attention, and also have a long lifespan. Some as old as 110 in captivity. Birds in Australia can be bought for as little as 500 AUD in pet stores. Overseas in Singapore birds have been known to sell for over 15000AUD, making the breeding and selling of these birds a lucrative industry.

Today however, I was happy to have photographed a bird at eye level. As spring heats up these birds will be flying around the tropic and becoming very active. As you can imagen, becoming very noisy as well.

Tags: australian birds, cacatua galerita, sulphur created cockatoo
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I know you were not so close to the Cockatoo but in the photograph he looks quite near. It's such a fluffy darling. I understand those people who want to have them at home... And their longevity, it's amazing.