Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Deforestation Issues In QLD - Australia

Over the years Australia has changed for the worst. Without dodging the issue, politicians have given permission for corporations to directly profit from land clearing [de-forestation]. Now Australia makes the list for the top countries that are clearing land at world record rates, and it is devistating for Australia's wildlife and landscape. It is estimated that every second a native animal dies from these actions. With 420-million hectares at risk it is clear that Australia does not have interests in protecting its own important ecosystems. What Australia needs is laws that work to protect native habitats, and wildlife. The Australian Wilderness Society is a collective of activits that work to petition these laws to protect the envoronment through conservation and peacefull activist movments. Such as political activision. Today I am very proud to promote their cause on the date of the oficial release this Decembe; however, I am very ashamed that things have become so bad in my own countrey.

Link: https://www.wilderness.org.au/campaigns/cut-back-deforestation

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