Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Rainbow Pita - Pitta iris

Today's discovery is of the small and extremely conspicuous rainbow pita. A small ground-dwelling bird that loved frustrating both tourist and photographers with an innate shyness to anyone within about 10 meters.

Found only in the north in the monsoon rainforests and eucalypt woodlands this bird is a rare sight to me. Although only found in a very small range of areas it is not listed as an endangered species, though concerning as we know very little about the bird. Studies have identified its behaviours, calls, and diet as an insectivore. However, there really should be some policy to protect its habitats.

Today's photograph reveals the vibrant colours of the bird perfectly. A chestnut cap, with yellow and green colours on the body. With a black neck and bottom. This bird is none like any other in this area. A very special encounter in the dense rainforest undergrowth.

Tags: australian birds, photography, pitta iris, rainbow pita
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