Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

The Great Dividing Range - White Mountains National Park

The Great Dividing Range itself is a mountain range that follows the east coast of Australia, from North QLD right down to Victoria. However where we are here is the White Mountains National Park. Which features white sandstone bluffs and some gorges through the region that cover about 1200 square kilometres. In comparison to mountains overseas, they are very small, but they are still quite significant to dive a car over.

The main attraction here is the unique flora. Both trees and shrubs that grow in this area are very unique and have been studies by botanist in major universities across Australia. Other interesting wildlife sightings include the velvet gecko; however, I did not find any. Instead of opting to take some photographs from the Barra Lookout, and looking through the rock inscriptions from visitors over the past century.

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Great photo with panoramic running clouds.

Also, hello to Ben, Josh and Julie :)