Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Expedition Half Way Point

Today marks the halfway point for this expedition through the central coastline of NSW just north of Sydney. So far it looks like I have about 70 good photographs of a passible quality. These will go towards the wildlife conservation fundraiser next year. Looking at the schedule over the next few days, there is about three more days to spend behind the lens. New years eve will present an opertunity for captuing fireworks at the Tuggerah Lake Enterance. The plan is to stay away from the retail districts and spend some quality time in the surrounding state forests; In between, I will have to make the best of the rain that is forecast, to get out and about. I did manage to get a new computer monitor at an excellent price though today, which will make it easier to edit photographs and write my books next year. The expedition is due to finish with an ETA of the 10 of January 2018. Following tere will be a short event at the New-England Regional Art Gallery cafe, also nown as the NERAM. However, this expedition will be the first of many next year.

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