Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Northern Blue Cheeked Rosella - Platycercus adscitus

Also Known as the Morton Bay Rosella, or Pale-headed Rosella, is one of many Australia's colourfull wild parrots. Northern Rosellas eat a variety of fruits and seeds in the woodlands surrounding the coastline and the great dividing range North of Brisbane. Others species include the Eastern Rosella, which is one of the more recognised and common species.

The birds look really friendly, but fly off when you get close to them. Although you can breed and keep these birds as friendly pets, in the wild they frighten very easily and fly away. Promopting the use of the older 600mm manual lens and manual camera. The camera is not very sharp, but it did manage to capture the bird against the blue backdrop of the sky. In a way, it did quite well.

Tags: australian birds, northern blue cheeked rosella, photography, platycercus adscitus
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