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The Cretatceous Sea - Eromangasaurus

Named after the inland sea of Australia, the Eromangasaurus was a large plesiosaur that emerged in the late Triassic period in the vast inland waters in Australia. Unique to this region, the Eromangasaur was reconstructed from this only known skeleton in the world. Holotype QM F11050 is the only known skeleton to exist in the world.

The remains depict a badly crushed skull, however, it does have a relatively complete skeleton that was exhumed from the Toolebuc formation and studied in 2005. Making this discovery a fairly recent and exciting one.

The description and reconstructed view of this monster would be a 4-6m Aquatic beast. Consisting of 4 flippers like other plesiosaurs, with a short round tail with no fin in comparison. Uniquely with a large neck much like a giraffe. If anything, it would be a perfect relative of the Loch Ness Monster by the disruption. But none the less fascinating. As research is still being undertaken today.

Reconstruction -

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The long neck really resembles a Loch Ness monster. I wonder whether it helped them to hunt or to breathe the fresh air without rising to the sea surface?