Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

The Kakadu Calander

The Kakadu Calander

Today I found a very helpful calendar that explains what is going on up here. Local knowledge is key to survival up here but it also relates further to what I can see and find here at this time of year. I agree its cold, and the apple trees are in flower. I am in Kakadu during the Wurrueng season.

Unlike our [roman] calendar, this has 6 seasons that are not so evenly distributed. Anyone that has lived in Australia knows we have short and sharp winter seasons. This is clearly illustrated here too. Seasons relate to the cyclic nature of the years and often it's related to food. However, culturally there is also a lot going on too that we can't see here. Ceremonies and gatherings are also a large part of the indigenous culture here.

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