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Terry Watts

Entery: Australian Photographer Of The Year

To today I filtered through thousands of photographs in order to be an early entrant into the Australian Photographer Of The Year. With a lot of pressure on deciding whether to enter or not, I decided to give it a go. Since starting my blog I have improved a lot, and I think now is a right time to begin entering competitions. Photography has allways been a hobby, and now I have a chance for it to share my photographs with a new audience.

Below; in the tropical lands of northern Australia. I was lucky enough to make eye contact with this large and dangerous bird. In my entry, I spoke about how important eye contact is through the camera when photographing my subjects. Right at the moment, the camera shutter opens is a critical moment. This connection I have with wildlife can be seen in many ways; but to me, it's almost like taking a self-portrait. There are many things you can capture with a photograph, but without a connection to it; there is either no point or purpose. Today, I share this rather proud moment as I enter in a major photography competition as a passionate wildlife photographer and conservationist. The only thing left to discover is the result.

Until then; It's onward with the expedition.

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