Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Exotic Fruit Pigeon - Ptilinopus

Quite possibly the most exotic pigeon I will ever write about is the Australian Fruit Dove/Pigeon. These doves are fruitiverous, meaning they only eat fruit.

There are about 50 spiecies of fuit doves that are concetrated across Australia, New Guinnie, and the Phillippines.  Most are critically endangered, and some are already extinct by the time I have writted this artical.

Overall I don't know much about these birds, however today I believe that this bird is a very rare wildlife encounter. I particularly have sen nothing like it in my travels so far. I am not sure which subspiecies it belong to yet, but it was a very interesting encounter.

Tags: australian birds, fruit dove, fruit pigeon, photography, ptilinopus
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And nevertheless I can easily tell it's a pigeon in the photo due to its typical shape and appearance. A pigeon, yet a very beautiful one.