Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Land Of The Frogs - Frog Dreaming

Todays campsight is in a steep valley with almost postglaciation style features. The U shape vally being very suspicious in it's formation, and its unique shape. Lines with tropical palms, dense scrub, and fresh water flowing through.

Early on I hiked up to the caves and made a  amasing discovery. This region is of magor cultual significance to the region and the pre history of Australia.

Many thousands of years ago it is not that hard to imagen the indiginous owners of the land in this region. With Women camped high in the hills making baskets from the palm leavs, and sitting gathering the food and seads in this area. The men huntng and occasionally leaving the front of the valley to hunt and bring back giant emu, and kangaroo.

Without further interpretation, the rock art incicated this place is a magor juntion area to stay. It looks like there are two generations of language grops in this region. These people are those who relate to the frog dreaming. A lucid experiance where humans and the frogs history intertwine. From human form and the frog form. The other photos are in the expanded section.

As for now however, I leave these anciant lands and head back along the Sahvanah Way towards Darwin and the wetlands of Kakadu. With that said it is still a very long way to go.

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