Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Goodbye Alice Springs -> Spinifex Pigeons

In the central desert of Australia that I called my home for 7 months, I met and photographed a lot of wildlife. In this time, none was more surprising than my neighbours: The Spinifex Pigeons.

There is a lot to see and do here. However, my favourite animal to visit was the spinifex pigeons. A very humble and simple bird, these animals are in every way fascinating to watch.  They live in groups and have complex communications and interactions. They are friendly and good company.  Most importantly they are very quirky. You can spend a lot of time watching and interacting with them.

As I drive away from Alice Springs, I leave behind my friends and we both go our separate ways. Taken on my last photographic venture into the golden landscape, I was lucky to find my friends and say goodbye. We never know when we will meet again.

Tags: australian birds, photography

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Thanks for the beautiful lyricsim of the essay.