Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Expedition By Camels

In Australia, we are actually very lucky to have Pure Bread Arabian Camels, and they are very easy to work with.

A Camel train allways consists of about 4, but can go easily up to 20 or more in size. More of less these Animals are very strong and can easily carry over 200kgs and a human. Without mentioning how adapted they are to the arid landscape either, they are well at home here. It is easy to see how the early explorers ventured this far into the desert with the help of these large animals.

Today, I was exploring the west MacDonald ranges by the seat of a camel, and was lucky to have other experienced travellers with me. Quite comfortably we travelled for hours at walking pace, and these animals were happy to join us on our way. I was second in line, and taking photographs of the landscape and wildlife on the way out and around.

The only thing that is not apparent in the photograph, is that it is very cold. The wind and overall temperature during the morning was only a few degrees above zero, and at 12 noon, it was only 8-deg Celsius. It felt like a blizzard. But the camels did not mind. The sunlight is very deceptive here and it is hard to appreciate what looks very inviting is actually very cold.

Overall the experience was a lot of fun, and I can highly recommend it. After one day's experience, I can see how these animals helped us travel across deserts and well into the unknown at the time. They are very capable, and you really do travel fair distances very easily.

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