Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Inland Dotterel - Peltohyas australis

Today by chance I was able to encounter a very rare bird; The Inland Dotterel.

These birds are not very well studied, and there are few people willing to do the research in the isolated arid regions of Australia. Here however, we have a really good photograph of a very hard to find bird.

The features of this bird that would otherwise go unnoticed are the elliptically shaped eye. Small and almost pigeon like beak. Toned feathers, and band around the bird's neck and breast. Lastly, the unmistakable pattern of its feathers which is quite complex and good for camouflage in the desert scrub.

Not shown here to well; however, is the plover type markings on the birds head. However once pointed out, it does look almost identical to the relatives such as the masked plover; also known as the masked lapwing.

Tags: australian birds, inland dotterel, peltohyas australis, photography
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