Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Chambers Pillar

This mornings picture is one of the Australian icons of the Northern Territory. Taken with care in the late afternoon sun yesterday, the pillar and surrounds were quite hard to photograph due to the awkward nature of its size and complex shape. There was also a metal viewing platform that obstructed what could have been a better view as well.

The pillar itself is not that special, but it does have engravings from explorers from the mid-1800's. Who would have been riding camels across the centre of Australia at that point in time. Who would have been away from home for years in the process.

Wither that said I was able to use my new lens from IXUX, and also fly my drone. However, the drone photographs will take time to develop as my card reader stopped working. It will be a photograph for a rainy day in the future to write about.

Photograph; Terry Watts, Expedition Photography 2018

Tags: chambers pillar, landscape photography
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