Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Chiming Wedgebill - Psophodes occidentalis

At the campsite today, A little wedgebill came right up to the Landrover to check it out.

This little bird was passing through the area and must have decided to get a closer look at the campsite. Usually there is food involved. Around the campsite all birds will naturally scavenge. Surprisingly he was pecking at the rocks in the area underneath the desert oak trees, he must know something I do not know? No chiming today, as breeding season is over and the birds are back to feeding and moving about in the cold weather.

Only a rest stop today, before attempting to take some landscape photographs tomorrow.

Tags: australian birds, chiming wedgebill, psophodes occidentalis
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July 6 2018, 10:26:55 UTC 2 years ago

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Yes, the markings are quite special.