Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Crested Pigeon - Evolutionary Link Found

Although quite the common bird, I decided to take a photo when the opportunity came today. As a result, I was able to notice something that I had not seen before. The discipline to take interest in common things often can lead to such new discoveries.

Today I can clearly see the stripes on the crested pigeon's wings, that are a direct link to the stripes and colours found on the spinifex pigeon. With other common features including the purple feet and the yellow eye colouration. Alongside the wild hairstyle.

Adorned with the sheen of green and red iridescence that bronzewings have too, is a nice touch but not a common feature. They only share this with common bronzewings. A link I have not explored yet. But these three pigeons do share correlations in DNA.

I can conclude today that the spinifex pigeon, is either a related species, or possibly the previous and still living ancestor of the common crested pigeon we see here today.

Without coming to Alice Springs and finding the wild crested pigeons of the central desert, I would not and be able to come to such a conclusion today.


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