Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Australian Ring-neck Parrot

In town, Australian Ringneck Parrots are quite common. In fact, this picture was taken about 500m from my home.

Taken right in the soft light of the late afternoon these parrot's colours really came to life. The locals out here call them rainbow birds, and you can see why.

With a sharp iridescence in their green coats, and an often red backdrop to complete the spectrum.

The thing I like most about today's photograph, is that it looks like the bird is sitting down and for afternoon tea on a log. Eating the grass seads right in front of him.

What I don't like is the discarded plastic bottle in the background, that unfortunately spoils the picture with the unfortunate truth. My neighbourhood does not care the for environment very much. This nature strip is littered heavily with drunk people walking home at night.

Never the less though; I was happy to have captured the blue on this birds face quite well.

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