Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Fairy Wren - Malurus cyaneus

Today one of the fairy wrens that I tagged about a month ago came back and wanted some attention.

These little birds are a very interesting subject to work with. Once settled they don't really go very far, and they are a good indicator of how well an ecosystem is doing.

What I like about today's photograph is the detail in the bird's feathers, and the angle makes the bird almost into a perfect circle. The tail is a splendid blue colour and gently faded into the background.

These little birds are a favourite among locals and are very energetic.

I am very pleased with the photograph below.

Tags: australian birds, bird photography, fairy wren, malurus cyaneus
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June 23 2018, 10:09:53 UTC 2 years ago

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Yes, it's a wonderful photograph of a fluffy ball with a blue tail.