Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Yellow Chat - Epthianura crocea

Turns out these little birds have some pretty surprising adaptations and features to help them in the dry and arid environment.

These small birds would otherwise be unable to survive out here. Small birds tend to have a high metabolic rate, and water loss associated with that rate. Small passerine birds of this nature allways do.

Under observation, these birds are able to manage their metabolism and slow it down. They have a thyroid gland that helps keep their metabolism rate low and reduce the consumption of water on hot days through summer.

These birds also have a very odd shaped tongue, almost as if it has feathers. Allowing the bird to lick up dew, and drink from water even if it is only a thin film. Allowing the bird to find water that other birds are unable to drink.

Surviving in such an arid place takes adaptation and unique ways of surviving in the central desert. As a result, the Yellow Chat is a very successful bird in some of the most isolated regions in Central Australia.

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