Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Golden Backed, Black-Chinned Honey Eater - Melithreptus gularis

Today's bird is quite a specific one to the region. The golden variety exhibited here has a definite yellow colouration across the nape. With a white underside, and lighter brown to grey wings.Including the yellow eyebrows that make this one a bit different to the others. I think its a bit ironic to name the bird with a black hood, a Black-chinned Honeyeater. However they are correct, that no other honeyeaters have a black chin,...

It's a bird that is very different to what I was expecting, and the books I have. However, progress is what it is.

This little bird is just happily sitting in a paperbark tree, waiting for nightfall to come.

Tags: australian birds, black-chinned honey eater, melithreptus gularis
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