Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Black Buzzard - Hamirostra melanosternon

Today I am writing about the Australian Black Breasted Buzzard. Which is a very interesting bird. It is also known as was the Square Tailed Kite.

These birds are really big, and they often seek out multiple sources of food. In one way they scavenge for dead animals on farms and on the size of the road. They also seek out the eggs of other birds for food as well. They have been seen using their beak to break the shall and suck out the egg yolk. They have also been known to throw rocks at the larger ones to crack them open.

In many ways, they are a very large and intelligent bird. Up close we can also see many details in their feathers that we may not normally see. This is a younger bird and the feathers have not turned black as of yet. However, what we can see is the delicate colouration and detail on the feathers. Even in a monochrome picture.

Tags: australian birds, black buzzard, hamirostra melanosternon

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