Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Bush Stone Cerlew - Burhinus grallarius

Below the Bush Stone-Curlew is a very rare bird.

Cats and foxes have eaten just about all of the birds in Australia.

The problem being that these birds rely on camouflage to survive, and they trust it through. Since cats have been introduced these birds have not had time to adjust their behaviours. For a ground-dwelling bird, that relies on camouflage. They simply don't stand a chance against a cat looking for an easy meal.

Thankfully, there are bush regeneration projects taking place to help repopulate the species. However, the feral cat problem is really big. There are millions of feral cats and they are continuing to climb in numbers.

In many ways, the Remote Outback is one of few places unaffected by the feral populations.

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