Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Portrait of a Wedge Tailed Eagle - Aquila audax

After quite a bit of practice, I decided to go searching for a bid bird that had been seen in the region. The wedge tail eagle in question is a young female that frequents an area known as the dingo dreaming. A mountain with the face of the Australian wolf.

I decided to shoot in black and white as the eagle had a bit of blood from its last meal on its face. The result is a powerful picture detailing the face of a very successful, and very large bird.

Currently, these majestic birds are under the watchful eye of conservationists as their numbers are of concern. Such a large bird this specialised is hard to come by. Overall this is a great photograph to add to the growing collection.

Tags: aquila audax, australian birds, raptor, wedge tailed eagle
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May 9 2018, 11:52:13 UTC 2 years ago

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To tell straight, this photograph is a great piece of photography and a great success of yours.

When you photograph animals and birds close up so we can see their faces, we start viewing them not as minors but as our equals. That's what your photos are doing.