Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Australian Hobby Falcon - Falco longipennis

Today's photograph is a portrait of Australias fasted bird: The Hobby Falcon.

Below the falcon is manteling, showing off his powerfull wings and muscels in a very rare portrait of a rare bird. These birds are very rarly seen in flight, and even rarer sitting still like this. The Falcon is one of Australias fastest flyers, and last time I photographed one of these birds it was with a manual film camera near the start of the year. During the Raptor Week Expedition.

By utilising new photographic techniques, and learning from errors made while photographing the hawks and kites. We have some fantastic results from a fair bit of hard work and lucky timing. This bird is small and fast. Some would say how fast; and, the answer is it could be over 200 kilometres per hour whilst chasing prey. Not only that they are very smart, and use the sun to blind their prey as they can not see them approaching. They see the world in slow motion, and they are very capable of hunting down birds up to half their own size.

I am very happy to display these photographs on my blog.

In Flight Action:

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