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Terry Watts

Cinnamon Quail-Thrush - Cinclosoma cinnamomeum

Below is an example of a bird that was very hard to identify, because it was a female variety, and all of the documented photographs identified the male which has a lot more stripes and markings. However, it was eventually Identified as a Cinnamon Quail-Thrush.

These little birds are mainly ground dwelling. Their flight is haphazardous but still very possible. It has a lot in common with a quail in this regard. However, it does chase down insects and is like a thrush in many ways as well. Making it hard to tell what is going on. Their history is also very complex as well. One of their close relatives is the chiming wedgebill. Which I am still on the lookout for.

The subject below was very friendly today, coming almost up to point blank range with the cameras, and also playing about looking for suitable sticks to make a nest. I can imagine that because this bird is quite dull that he may be very easily overlooked. However this little bird I found today was very interesting.

No studies have been done about the numbers on this bird. However what we do know is that it lives in possibly the only region of Australia where there are absolutely little to no people.  All that we know is that they are out there somewhere in the remote outback. Anywhere from Alice Springs back towards the Great Dividing Range, Remote VIC, and Adelaide SA.

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