Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Burning Mountain National Park

Without giving away much from the title, burning mountain is actually on fire. Deep below there is a coal seam, that oxidizes Coal Seam Gas [CSG] and produces heat in the perpetual process that has been occurring for thousands of years. Whilst walking on top on the mountain there is a clear smell of burning, likened to that of a bunsen burner in science class. The smoky aroma is just as distinct as the lifeless white scorch marks around the mountain. Although not coal itself, the volcanoclastic sediments and sandstone wackies have become porous and pail as ash from a fire. Traversing the mountain today was treacherous as the ground has become highly unstable from the process. Overall it was a very hot experience hiking over combusting terrain on a 38 Degree Celcius day; however, it was well worth the experience.

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