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Australian Fire-tail - Painted Finch - Emblema pictum

After becoming very convinced that this region of Australia has more birds than wildlife; I came across these birds today. The commonly named Fire-tail Finch certainly lives up to its name. The crimson red tail is bright and the markings are very distinct. Like most Australian birds, these are common pets now across Australia. However, they differ in appearance greatly from their domestic relatives.

These birds usually live in the fields of spinifex grasslands nearby water. They make an amazing globe to nest out of grass spikes and are very well adapted to the climate out here. Today it was easily 34 degrees Celsius, and they were about scurrying and busy looking after the nest and catching food. If there is one thing out here in the central desert, it is the endless pace and sense of time out here. Everything is only relevant to what season it is, and what needs doing at the present time.

Below; the encounter with the white speckled breast, and red chest of a male fire-tail.  The photograph of the nest nearby, and the superb tail from the male bird. Which is less prominent in the female. Today's opening photo is a really special one as it clearly shows everything in a sharp field of view, in the excellent morning lighting.  The new equipment is already becoming an everyday favourite as I learn more about it every day.

Don't forget to click for more photos;

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