Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Mavic Pro - Uluru Australia

One of the most iconic images of Australia is of course Uluru. Previously known as Ayers Rock. From below you don't get much of a sense of scale. to the sheer size of the rock body. However, from the air, the trees and sand dunes are not much of an issue. Below the trees are certainly odd in shape and size, almost as if something from another world.

On the day the drone has lost it's GPS signal and there were high winds pushing it about off course. It was quite hard to land as well, and needs a bit of a clean as a result. However once high above the straw coloured grass and odd trees, about 50m. An incredible landscape emerged that was most unexpected.

Sand dunes snaking towards the rock, callowed pockets of red sand along the north face of the dunes, and an incredible front on view of the layers in the rock face in the morning sun. Almost identical in interpretation in the traditional Aboriginal dot art that resembles a map. Iconic to the central desert region. This is an immediate favourite photograph. I can not wait to print it and hang it on my wall at home. It is magnificent.

Photo; Sir Terry Watts, Expedition Photography.

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