Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Central Australian Bower Bird

Today I revisited an area where I had a bower bird sighting. This time with a more powerful camera and lens. The result, was that I was able to capture a central Australian bowerbird in incredible detail when compared to last time. You can even see the fluorescent pink colour of the bower birds crest: refracting in the sunlight.

This will mark a significant turning point in my photographic career, as the new lens and body used on location are significantly more advanced, and well suited to the job of capturing images of birds and other wildlife. Also with incredible capabilities with automatic focusing. This includes the ability to focus on a moving target. Not to mention the viewfinder is incredible to look through. It also has many features that I am unfamiliar with, coming from manual DSLR camera background. However, these new tricks and abilities will be extremely helpful in the near future.

I will still keep my old equipment as a backup; but, there is no denying that technology has come along way since the 2000's and 90's.

Tags: central australian bower bird, photography
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April 1 2018, 05:16:25 UTC 2 years ago

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Your photo of the bower-bird is above all praise!