Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

The Emu Trail - No Emus Though

This region I am visiting today is part of the emu trail. Foretold, is the white sand that makes up the trail. However, after some time, I gave up today. There were not even any trail footprints left by emu in the sand, which would have been a good indicator of life out here. There were kangaroo droppings, but they would have passed through here long ago. I am here most likely at the wrong time of year to see emus here.

Instead; I am here and all I can photograph is the white sand running through the dry river bed of the gorge. Although dry it does have water running less them 1m below the coarse sands. It is also drinkable. Today made for an unusual landscape photograph.

Tags: central desert region australia
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