Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Yellow Faced Thorn-bill - Australian Wildlife

Today I was out testing some new settings on my camera when I found a new subject to photograph. The result was an unprecedented ability to photograph with a manual super telephoto lens. Giving greater depth and sharpness to the photographs taken. However, some greater skills were required to operate the equipment. The results though were phenomenal, considering that I was photographing from 60 meters away to take shots of a very shy bird. Just even spotting the birds from this distance was a challenge. But it was worth it. It shows that reading, researching, and honing skills is a lifelong attitude, and there is always progress to make.

The bird itself is a thornbill. Which was found living in between a gap in the mountain range. The river that cut the crossing; known as a gap, had a small aquifer type pool which was attracting small birds and lots of insects to keep him well fed. These birds also feed on tree lice using its small and sharply pointed bill. These small birds are also referred to as Tits; however, they are not a true tit because of a number of rules in classifying the small bird. In general; however, I think I was just really lucky in the first place to even find one to photograph. These are really small and very quick. I am happy to have tested out a new method of photography today. It will take more practice to master but it is worth it.

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