Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

45000 Year Old Rock Art

Indigenous Australian Art is a tradition in Australia that has been past down for more than 80,0000 years. Artwork like this, is of incredible importance to the traditional owners of this region. Aboriginal people never had any form of writing, so these artworks are the only link to their history. The art itself is made from ochre; a finely ground rock powder. That was put on the rock by using a feather or stick, in a very time-consuming process. The art in this region dates back to the pre-history of Australia, when it was still connected to the Indonesian islands through a land bridge. The story here tells of women sitting, Kangaroos resting under trees. Some of the other pictographs have their meaning lost in time. It could mean that the kangaroos travel through this region, but we may never know. At this time; it is important to acknowledge the traditional owners of the land, who allowed these photographs to be taken today. In order to spread the awareness of Australian Aboriginal traditions and culture.

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