Terry Watts (sirterrywatts) wrote,
Terry Watts

Under The Stars - Central Australia.

Today I woke up a bit early, even after driving out to the new photography location this week, the stars were still out in full. Sadly there was little to no wildlife after spending 4 hours wandering about. Every time I found a small flycatcher it flew away very quickly. Sneaking up to them with the long lens did not work either as they were very good at hiding. Setting the camera to 30 seconds of shutter time, and 1200iso on a full aperture, I was able to capture some stars. The 7d would have been the better option, as it is more powerful and has more options. However, only the 30d was available this morning due to its long battery life in the sun from the previous day. Never the less, it was an interesting experience under the stars again in the NT.

Tags: astrophotography
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